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Catering Module

red sign with chef hat and spoon, fork, knife

Our Catering Feature is Your Partner in Growing the Bottom Line of Your Restaurant


Expand your restaurant business by growing sales and expanding your customer-base with Catering Orders. NovaDine can help your restaurant attract Catering Orders as a service type and manage each order easily, efficiently and effectively. 

With NovaDine’s Catering Editor, your restaurant can sort, include, edit and adjust components of any Catering Package/Items so that every order receives the personal attention you want for your customers—and ultimately grow your bottom line. 

NovaDine’s Catering Orders as a service type enables restaurant chains to: 

• Customize Catering Orders features such as available hours, menu items, item availability and location availability

• Define standards for Catering Orders such as prep time, lead time, payment options, minimum order amount, etc.

• Attract more business by partnering with our call center to allow customers to place large Catering Orders over the phone

• Integrate Catering Orders as a service type with Delivery providers

• Use alongside Order Throttling feature to control Catering Orders during peak restaurant hours 

NovaDine’s Catering Editor quickly allows users to: 

• Easily manage packing lists of components for Catering Orders with this menu feature

• Set up elements of Catering Packages/Items to be included such as number of plates, napkins, serving trays, etc.

• Designate package sizes and allow for partial-use of packages. This will allow stores to easily track their package usage for included catering packaged items.