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Call Center


Our call center application is a slimmed down version of the ordering site to allow a restaurant's call center agent to quickly place orders on behalf of the customer.

Orders submitted via call center will be processed just like the customer placed the order themselves. The call center agent can have more flexibility and less restriction to follow compared to the customer:

Examples are:

  • Payment types
  • Menus and menu items
  • Coupons
  • Lead/prep time override
  • Service types


The customer data base is the same. If a customer has ordered online before, the call center agent will able find them, access their account, repeat an order or create a new order for them. They can also easily place future orders, edit an order, or cancel an order on behalf of the customer.

Additional features include:

  • Save an order as a quote for a customer
  • Add tax exempt customers to the database
  • Monitor orders through the dashboard interface


The Dashboard Interface does the following:

  • Allows the Agent to keep track of orders
  • See if a location is getting too many orders, temporarily disable the location
  • Cancel an order if the customer no longer wants it