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Survey Engine


Want additional feedback from your customers regarding their online ordering experience?  

We offer private surveys that allow only customers given a unique token (participation code) to participate, as well as public surveys that allow anyone with the link to the survey the ability to participate without restrictions.

The survey engine offers a great chance to learn more about your customers - what they like, what they don't like, etc. - and use that very valuable information to get better.


  • Easy - No fancy technical knowledge required. Anyone with basic computer experience can use this tool.
  • No limits - There are no restrictions for surveys, questions, or responder count.
  • 'Other' answers - Customers with more to say can add their own answer instead of using radio buttons or checkboxes.
  • Required answers - This is just what it sounds like. You can select which questions of your survey must be answered before it can be submitted.
  • Templates - Don't like the plain, boring looking survey style? Templates allow you to change it up.
  • Reporting - When it's time to examine the feedback you receive from customers, our system makes it easy for you to download all survey answers in CSV (comma-separated values) or Excel format.
  • Statistics - You to filter survey data in any number of ways, retrieving various figures and summaries from the different fields of your surveys, and compiles them into neat, easy to understand charts and graphs.