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Group Ordering

Group ordering is an easy way for multiple people to order together.  Everyone in the group can choose, customize, and if required, pay for their portion of the order while sitting at their desk or on their mobile phone.  When you start a group order, everyone you invite is sent an email with a link to directly join the order.  This allows for flexible order scheduling, separate or combined billing, and even order tracking.

Highlighted Features:

  • Originator pay or individual pay
  • Guest is sent an invite via email (desktop) or by link (mobile)
  • Spending limits can be added
  • Ability to add a cutoff time for the order to be completed, as well as the ability to adjust the cutoff time if people have not yet ordered

How it works:

  • The order originator selects the day and time they would like to have the order delivered or ready for pickup.
  • The order originator chooses whether they will pay for the entire order, or if each participant will pay for their own.
  • The order originator chooses whether they will invite guests manually (desktop only), or with an invite link.
  • The guest spending limit is set if the order originator has chosen to pay for the entire order.
  • If the order originator chooses to manually add guests, those guests can be selected from an existing list if a previously created account is being utilized, and orders have been placed using that account.  New email addresses can also easily be added
  • Or, if the order originator chooses to send an invite link instead, they simply set the maximum number of guests that can be included on the order, and will be provided with an order link that they can share with guests.
  • Start and complete the order.
  • Track the status of orders entered up until the cutoff time is reached.

Yes, it's really that easy!

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