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Group Ordering


NovaDine's group ordering feature is one of the most unique offerings of our platform, and is where our technology really flexes its muscle. In fact, we hold a patent for the technology behind its functionality.

Group ordering allows multiple people to easily order food together under the umbrella of a single order, with every participant being able to choose their own items, and if required, pay for their portion of the order from their own desk/PC or mobile phone.

When a customer starts a group order on a computer they can send an invitation via email or copy and share a link with each person participating in the order. When using a mobile device, invitations are sent by sharing a link. In this manner, group ordering allows for flexible order scheduling, separate or combined billing, and even order tracking. Customers love group ordering because it eliminates the hassle of collecting cash from each individual involved in the order.

Group Ordering can be broken down into three easy phases:

  • One person originates the order and sends invites to others to participate.
  • Order originator tracks the order for other participants to place and pay for their portion of the complete order.
  • Order is placed and food is received!


How it works:

  • The order originator selects the day and time they would like to have the order delivered or ready for pickup.
  • The order originator chooses whether they will pay for the entire order, or if each participant will pay for their own.
  • The order originator chooses whether they will invite guests manually (desktop only), or with an invite link.
  • The guest spending limit is set if the order originator has chosen to pay for the entire order.
  • If the order originator chooses to manually add guests, those guests can be selected from an existing list if a previously created account is being utilized, and orders have been placed using that account.  New email addresses can also easily be added
  • Or, if the order originator chooses to send an invite link instead, they simply set the maximum number of guests that can be included on the order, and will be provided with an order link that they can share with guests.
  • Start and complete the order.
  • Track the status of orders entered up until the cutoff time is reached.


Key features:

  • Ability for order originator to pay, or individuals in group to pay
  • Guest is sent an invite via email or via link (desktop) or via link (mobile)
  • Ability for order originator to set individual spending limits
  • Ability to set cut off time for order to be placed, as well as ability to change cut off time if necessary

             **The link option is the only method available on a mobile device.